Pest Control

  • Many businesses have their premises treated weekly or monthly whether they have a pest problem or not. However, if your store and property have no pest problems, do not have them treated. Pest control companies love the income flow derived from routine treatments, and some will attempt to persuade you of their desirability or even necessity. However, all such treatments accomplish is to expose you and your employees and customers to increasing levels of toxic exposure.

  • Business organizations always seek to reduce costs; however, elimination of most costs can only be reduced so far before quality is impacted. Elimination of costly pest-control programs, however, is one underappreciated step that can yield significant saving, and that most customers will never even notice.

  • If you must treat, do so safely through use of non-toxic materials like technical boric acid for cockroaches or a boron-based material for termites. Most commercial pest-control operators do not offer these kinds of elementary approaches. You'll likely have to seek out a small, very eco-oriented company, or perform the work in-house.

  • Remember, even companies with names like "Ecolab" are likely still applying dangerous chemicals. Does your pest-control company claim that its chemicals are "safe"? Alright, then, ask your pest control operator to drink a glass. If they're applying more than one chemical per treatment, they'll have to drink a glass of each for a proper demonstration of safety.

    If the company then claims that the chemicals are safe because humans are only exposed to a small amount--fair enough--ask your pest controller to refrain from drinking an entire glass--just take a sip. And next time they treat, take another sip, and so on, to simulate the "small" amount of pesticide people are regularly exposed to each time a treatment is performed. Will they do it?

    In fact, according to U.S. law, the word "safe" cannot be used to describe any pesticide; in other words, none can be claimed as safe (since none are).

  • Pest-control policy is sometimes dictated at the corporate level. Thus, you may have to work with company management to effect desired changes.


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