Here's the 4-punch knockout blow that will categorically solve your mosquito problem, naturally and safely. Mosquitoes won't have a chance if you implement all four of these steps. Get ready to become very, very happy:

  1. Fans (as described below).

  2. A natural lotion or spray for application on the body.

  3. Elimination of all standing water (from your and your neighbor's property).

  4. All-natural super-garlic spray Mosquito Barrier, if you really want to spray your entire property.

You're welcome!

Additional possible steps are described below, such as increasing consumption of garlic and onions during mosquito season, since these foods contain sulphur that repels mosquitoes.


  1. Fans.

    "Mosquitoes need calm conditions for stealing your blood. They won't be able to bother you if wind speeds are beyond two miles per hour. When Mother Nature won't supply a breeze, some well-placed fans can keep decks and porches mosquito free. Many outdoor /open air restaurants and bars combat mosquitoes in this fashion." -- Jonathan Hatch, author.

    I've just given you a key insight into permanently and effectively solving your mosquito problem at home: several high-powered fans placed strategically on

  2. A natural lotion or spray like Elite Choice that is applied to the body.

  3. Eliminating all standing water (from your and your neighbor's property) so the mosquitoes can't reproduce in the first place.

  4. All-natural super-garlic spray Mosquito Barrier, if you really want to spray your entire property.


Mosquito bites are uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, in some cases potentially dangerous to long-term health, and can make Summer outdoor life very unpleasant, if not downright exasperating. Consequently, it's tempting to reach out for the first or most common solution offered, which is usually chemicals--either in defensive form through use of personal sprays containing DEET that you apply to your own body or clothing, or offensive form through use of even stronger pesticides applied to, and on, your property by you, the homeowner, or more typically by a professional pest control operator.

In most cases, however, and certainly the overwhelming majority of residential cases, chemical controls, are actually the worst option for both you and your neighbors, especially the older and younger ones, as the aggregate of scientific research is increasingly disproving the old adage "The dose makes the poison," meaning, our most modern and advanced scientific understanding is that even minute amounts of a toxic material can be harmful, especially to infants, children, and the elderly. And in the case of mosquito-control chemicals, they are not applied in a limited crack-and-crevice manner, but instead are sprayed or even fogged wholesale over large expanses of outdoor area. And of course in doing so the clouds, mists, or shower of pesticide cannot help but travel to neighboring properties, even with attempts at careful application. In fact, the pest control operators may very well take a blithe view of such cross-property contamination, suggesting that it doesn't matter or that the treatment of neighbor's property will be advantageous in controlling the pest.

Such arguments are self-serving, however, inapplicable, and even immoral, given that they ride roughshod over 1.) people's preferences, in other words the right of your neighbor not to have chemicals introduced onto their property if they don't want them, 2.) the law, as it's probably illegal to do so, and 3.) the possibility that said contamination could injure or even kill persons in frail health, as the airborne materials travel through tiny seams, holes, and cracks in windows, doors, and foundations of neighbor's homes.

Moreover, do NOT assume that these materials are thoroughly or properly tested, and "the government is protecting me." The shocking fact, as made explicit and contained implicitly throughout this entire website, is that most chemicals in use in the United States have not been tested, and pesticides such as those used to control mosquitoes are no exception. Those relative few that have been tested are subject to limited testing. For example, they are typically not tested in combination with other chemicals, even though such pairings occur routinely in real-world use.

In fact, states "..., spraying pesticides is not an ideal solution because mosquitoes can become resistant to them, other animals get poisoned, and the toxins can cause lasting environmental damage."

Accordingly, I and many other experts and health educators severely discourage use of chemical treatments in favor of natural methods, which are effective and far safer:  in solving one problem we don't want to create another, which is usually what happens when chemical controls are used.

Happily, however, nonchemical or nontoxic chemical controls are available and effective, sparing us the Sophie's choice of mosquito bites or toxic chemicals on or around us.

Chemical pesticides are not good for you or your children, as this entire website seeks to illustrate. Just don't do it--especially given the effective alternatives.


For personal protection, do not use pesticide-based products containing DEET or any other chemical pesticide. While this chemical is proven toxic, there are many effective alternative personal products. In fact, the aggregate of scientific research is increasingly disproving the old adage "The dose makes the poison," meaning, our most modern and advanced scientific understanding is that even minute amounts of a toxic material can be harmful, especially to infants, children, and the elderly. Just don't do it.

  1. I personally use a product called Elite Choice, based on the anti-mosquito properties of the Geranium plant. The product is applied to the skin and seems to work--mosquitoes find its odd odor as offputting as I do!

  2. If you don't care for the odor of Elite Choice, or you find another product on or elsewhere that is better rated, try it. In fact, there is no end to the products available to repel mosquitoes. Visit or simply search the 'Net and many products will appear. At, for example, customers can leave reviews of the products they've used, and many do.

  3. An old Italian remedy for mosquito control that is effective, yet completely safe, is simple white cooking vinegar. Apply it at full 5% strength all over your exposed body areas using a cloth or piece of toweling. Don't overlook areas such as your neck and ankles. Once on your body you'll barely smell it, if at all.

  4. Another natural insect repellent for use on skin is neem oil. It's natural and non-toxic, and will repel not only mosquitoes but also other small, biting, flying insects. Neem has a strong odor, so testing it first is recommended.

    You can probably get neem oil at Whole Foods Market.



Remember--we're all brothers and sisters in one human family. And Love, properly understood is the most powerful social force available to humankind. Accordingly, in resolving your mosquito problem, actively consider your neighbors. They too, are likely suffering mosquito problem, and your solutions will affect them, as well. For mosquito control, it may be tempting to simply make a phone call, arranging for a pest control company to spray your property. This is the worst option, however, for both you and your neighbors, and I severely discourage it in favor of natural methods, which are effective and far safer.

Part of what you're doing in spraying your property is guaranteeing that some of your existing mosquito population will become resistant to pesticide, ensuring that next year's mosquito generation will be that much hardier and tougher to eliminate.

Most of us have kids, or neighbor kids nearby and often right next door, and many neighborhoods also have sick, elderly persons living in close proximity to other homes; you may not be aware of these persons. No one wants those spray droplets entering their property, settling on their possessions whether backyard lawn chairs, valuable tools and other items in the garage, oranything else in and around the property. You may own your property, but noise and chemicals TRAVEL to your neighbor's property--and they may not want them. Natural methods are effective and avoid all this.

Air Currents

Most people are unaware that mosquitos cannot navigate high winds--a convenient fact that we can use to our advantage in repelling them. You may already notice fewer mosquitoes on very windy days. To begin, purchase of one or more very large outdoor fans, preferably of the type on a pedestal base. Such an expenditure will likely run far less than hiring a pest controller--and is far safer; completely safe, in fact, whereas the pesticides fogged or sprayed around your home are toxic, sometimes deadly, and must be reapplied regularly throughout much of the year.

To safely rid an area of mosquitoes by leveraging the power of air currents, then, follow these steps:

  • To walk to-and-from your car that is parked in your driveway, place your large mosquito fan at your point of egress, in other words, the door through which you exit your dwelling, such as your back porch or side door, aim it in the direction in which you will walk to your vehicle, and turn it on just before walking to your vehicle. You will walk directly through the wide, strong stream of air that will make it impossible for mosquitoes to fly, and you will therefore walk to or from your car bite-free.

  • To enjoy an outdoor gathering or other outdoor leisure or other activity bite-free, set up at least one, and preferably two of the fans, ensuring that they are blowing more-or-less directly at your chosen recreational area. This should ensure that all guests or participants reside within the air-stream and thus remain bite-free.


Garlic-based products comprise a very good natural method of mosquito control for property protection. However, you must obtain a garlic-based product that is:

A. Effective, so must contain garlic oil, not juice.

B. Safe.

Safe means that it must contain garlic oil, and nothing else; no secondary or "inert" ingredients. Many times these secondary ingredients in a pesticide product, which the manufacturers are not required to list, are actually the harmful ones. And even a garlic-based repellant from a standard commercial pesticide company like Scott's or Ortho, such as usually sold at places like Home Depot or Lowes, will probably have these secondary ingredients. Of course, they won’t tell you this.

Try Mosquito Barrier, a powerful all-natural garlic oil product. You'll also need a sprayer for this kind of product (such as this Rittenhouse).

Immediate Action

Something you can do immediately is check your property for anything that has collected water in it, since mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. This would include such items as an unused kiddie pool, bucket, rain barrel, or empty flower pot. Drain such items of their water and turn them over. A neighbor of mine had a car tire several years ago that had collected water; I warned him several times, however, and finally he removed it.

There are also mosquito traps, like this Rittenhouse. This trap is brilliant because you hang it up, the bugs are attracted to it, yet they don't fry on the coils like a zapper, but instead are sucked into the trap by vacuum action; they then die of dehydration. Effective, and requires no pesticides or chemicals! This is the kind of product that Lowes or Home Depot might have that you could buy immediately. Just make sure that it uses no chemicals or pesticides, whatsoever. And keep in mind that these kinds of traps require an electrical outlet.

More Suggestions

" - Burn citronella candles on the patio when dining out for backyard mosquito control. These candles secrete citronella oil which repels mosquitoes."

Again, probably available at Whole Foods. However, it appears that the smoke from a citronella candle is no more effective than the smoke from any candle.

" - Place yellow light bulbs in patio lamps for use during evenings and at night during summertime. Orangey-yellow lights do not attract mosquitoes and other flying insects as readily as white bulbs."

" - Resort to time tested mosquito exterminator devices like using an insect zapper to zap mosquitoes as they do a fly-by. If listening to mosquitoes sizzle on the coils during dinner is a problem, place the zapper far enough away from the eating area to muffle the sound."

However, if you're going to get a zapper, you might as well try the Rittenhouse mosquito trap, as it does the same thing without the annoying zapping. Also, many people believe that zappers destroy beneficial insects in greater numbers than they destroy mosquitos.


Best Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

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