My sincere message to TruGreen/ChemLawn and its managers and employees is this:

  1. If you wish to dispute, supplement, or otherwise remark on anything I've written about TruGreen/ChemLawn at this website, I invite your email.

    If your emailed remarks strike me as genuinely significant I will either publish them here at this site, modify what I've already written, or both.

  2. You've hurt me, either deliberately or accidentally through unkept promises as well as by applying toxic or potentially toxic materials within mere feet of my home. Still, I don't wish to bear ill will toward you, and I hope you don't bear it toward me. In the sage words of Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along?" I would like a situation where we all love, are honest with, and do not injure, each other.

  3. I would like you to deal with me honestly. If your technician assures me he'll call me, I expect a call. If he assures me he'll have a certain document sent to me, I expect to receive it. Wouldn't you want the same?

  4. To my brothers and sisters who happen to be TruGreen technicians:  for the sake of your health, I sincerely advise you to get out of this industry, or at least to leave TruGreen until it transitions to organic products that will injure neither your testicles, nor any other part of your body.

  5. I urge you to lobby TruGreen internally as vigorously as you can, to help assure its transition to organic materials.

  6. I also urge you to lobby TruGreen internally as vigorously as you can to help it become transparent in the materials it uses. Why doesn't TruGreen offer Material Safety Data Sheets as Scotts does? Why is there no listing at the TruGreen site of the chemicals it uses?

    Of course, the answer is, TruGreen/ChemLawn doesn't want people learning about these chemicals either because they are perceived as dangerous, or they actually are dangerous. This would potentially invite litigation or other problems against TruGreen.

    This, however, is why TruGreen must transition to organic materials right away.


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